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Wenzhou vice mayor Wang Yilai company survey
Time:2017-7-5 13:44:49

On November 6th, the Wenzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC, Wang Yi and vice mayor, accompanied by the mayor of Yueqing city and Lin Lin, Liu Yunfeng, vice mayor and relevant departments, made a special trip to Shanghai Guang Guang Group Co., Ltd. to investigate and investigate. In the investigation, vice mayor and other leaders visited the workshop, carefully listened to the work report of the company chairman Jiang Yuanhua and President Zheng far, on the financing difficulties of the company encountered in the production and operation activities are analyzed to answer, do not think to properly resolve; act with undue haste, the company currently recommends the development of the real economy. The relevant departments of the summary report; and to encourage enterprises to continue to strive for innovation, development and production. The problem will be solved in the future, enterprises will be better.

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