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The company organized mountaineering competitions to celebrate the Youth Day
Time:2017-7-5 13:46:55

To commemorate the "54" youth day, to carry forward the "54" spirit, May 8th afternoon, a laugh and laughter, the upcoming mountain climbing competition staff riveting enough, ready to go, ready for a showdown. After the brief kick-off ceremony, the competition officially began. The climbers were at the foot of the wind, struggling to climb, after more than an hour of the race, Zhang Chengji, Zhang Liming, Gao Zengyin three people first arrived at the designated end point location, physical slightly less staff did not give up, after 40 minutes of effort, they can successfully reach the destination, we also enjoy the admiration and applause.


In the process of climbing, we enthusiasm, race each other, mutual help, give full play to the A fighting spirit soars aloft. tenacious struggle, and teamwork spirit. With joy, in the end point position after a short rest, photo, awards, communicate with each other at the top of the mountain, talking about mountain climbing experience, have said that through such mountaineering activities not only exercise their willpower, enhance mutual exchanges, cultivate the sense of team, to stimulate the enthusiasm of. To strengthen the construction of enterprise culture, promoting the construction of harmonious enterprise team has played a positive role.

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